Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Great Teachers Don't Teach

I am happy and a bit releived to say, I have finished my 2nd qurter of nursing school. It has been a long road thus far and I'm not even half way done! I know I havn't been active on DF but this is this exact reason.

Yesterday after I took my last final, I had to say goodbye to the best teacher I've had in my college career, Mrs. Gilbert. Any college student can attest that most teachers have traits that interfere with their own defintion of effective learning. Since there are many different styles of learning, it takes a very dedicated instructer to ensure each persons learning style is being adressed. I was unaware of this important attribute to learning before I took Mrs. Gilberts class. She made sure to know each students way of learning and encouraged good habits tailored to everyone. I wouldn't label her as a tacher. She was more like a motivational coach. She gave each students the tools to WANT to learn to be the best nurse possible. I think that was what an ideal "teacher" should be.

I wanted to make this post to always remind myself of the influence she had on my nursing career. When I furst started clinicals I was unsure if I made the right choice. But taking her class and seeing her love and campassion for nursing, made me want to be the exact way. Thanks Mrs. Gilbert!