Thursday, July 17, 2014

The morning of......

My first day of Clinicals. I am so nervous. I was up until 2 in the morning playing all the horror stories I could think of in my head.-Seeing someone die, being the cause of someone dying, barfing in someones face from one of the many smells I'll face, and my biggest fear- an explosive BM. I was up so late thinking of these things that I slept a whole hour through my alarm clock.
Already in the back of my mind my day is off track, which means tonights clinicals will be everything I thought.
So I finally make it to work and there is a large group of people in the lobby who made road markings with green tape, flowers in hand, and a pink finish line ribbon. It made me so happy to see such an awesome support system here to cheer someone on. (I work at a Cancer Center) There were adults and children, some holding signs that say "Team Danae." I even heard one of the kids say "when will mommy be out?" It warmed my heart. With social media pretty much ruling the world, I thought to check on FB to see if I could find the hash tag, and I discovered it was a celebration for a women finishing up her last round of radiation, after a 9 month battle. What a glorious triumph! Everyone was so cheerful and to know it was under these circumstances, it was a beautiful site.
Just when I thought the day would be bad, and my nerves were making me have an attidue, this beautiful ocassion changed my whole outlook. It caused me to remember anything is possible. Not only did I see it as people rooting on this woman in celebration of her ending a tumultuous journey, it was God putting them there to root me on too! In no way is nursing school comparable to someone completing a cancer treatment, but it just opened my eyes to the fact that there are people overcoming much greater battles! I’ve also discovered the field I want to focus on in my nursing career. I've worked in the onclogy field for almost 3 years, so why not stay with what I know? DUH!

Always remember, if you think you are battling through a difficult task whether it be an illness, school, or any stressful situation, there is always someone out there who fought an even greater battle, and overcame! You can do it!

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