Monday, February 24, 2014

Rings & Tings - Review

Jewelry can change the look of any outfit from blah to BOOYAH! I was super excited to do a review of jewelry sent to me from a fabulously affordable accessories website, Rings & Tings! They sent me 2 rings, a bracelet/cuff, and a necklace.  Check out their website here and discover everything from rings to watches, and even clothes, to add character to any outfit.

Their prices are very reasonable, Fast &  FREE worldwide shipping  (they are located in Hong Kong,) and their customer service is very prompt and professional.

 The infinity ring can be worn traditionally, or above the knuckle for a more trendy look.
Purchase the "Infinity Ring 2 HERE

 My favorite was this bow ring.It can also be worn above the knuckle- The perfect style and daintiness!
Purchase the "Minimal Bow Ring" HERE

This black arrow necklace is very fashion forward, and will definitely spice up a bright, solid colored shirt.
Purchase the "Silver Tone Long Arrow Necklace" HERE"


The suede "tiffany blue" and gold cuff is very stylish will look great with a white shirt, with shoes or a purse of the same color on the band.
Purchase the "Curve Pendant Bracelet" HERE

I cant wait to show you guys how I pair my outfits with my new jewelry! In the mean time head on over to Rings & Tings and use this 10% off coupon code to snag some great items!


( Enter this at checkout to get 10% off all items! )

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