Monday, February 3, 2014

Dealing with Idiots

So this weekend I put myself in an avoidable, uncomfortable situation. You know, when you are somewhere and you’re thinking to yourself “why did I come here.” I often find myself trying to find the good in people even when I know they are the spawn of satan. I really have to remember not everyone is understanding, and kind hearted like me. I wanted to write about this experience because too often we are put in the position to defend ourselves and there is definitely a wrong way, and a right way to do so. There is no stress greater than dealing with an ignorant, disrespectful person, and trying to remain calm. I very much believe in horoscopes, and I am a Leo so when you piss me off, I roar. Not taking into consideration my feelings, just quickly switching into attack mode and spewing insults of the persons character, and why we are in this heated moment, because of their screwed up personality, instead of actually explaining my feelings. I am taking the vow to work on that, and I have realized the only way to do so:
Explain how you are feeling rather than summarizing what you think is happening.
This may be a tough to act upon when you find yourself in that moment. If you take a minute to reflect when you've felt like this, and its happend on many different occasions, invlving the same person.. just avoid the them all together! I wish I could give yall a real life example- But I won't becuase it will just make me irratable and put me in a bad mood (for about 2 seconds-) It will definitely turn into a journal entry, LOL. So in any and all uncomforatble situations remember-Explain how you feel, not what is happening.
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