Thursday, February 27, 2014

Destination: Free Fun in San Antonio - Jazz Concert Series

Mother nature is finally starting to get her act together, and in celebration of the arrival of Spring, DF will be keeping you up to date on FREE activities to do around the city of San Antonio! Yes, FREE.99!!

"Free Jazz Concerts at The Falls" 

 When- 3/1/14 & 3/29/14- Saturday Concerts, with Thursday concerts March 6-27.
What- The Shops at La Cantera,(my favorite mall in the USA!) will kick off their "Free Jazz Concerts at The Falls" this Saturday, March 1st, at 7:30 pm. 
Where- 15900 La Cantera Pkwy #6698, San Antonio, Texas 78256 (By Yard House Restaurant)

According to their website- The schedule and performers are as follows- 

 Saturday, March 1. Slim Man, Jazz Vocalist. Rolling Stone says the Slim Man's style is a near perfect example of how jazz and soul can be combined as pop. 

Thursday, March 6. Joe Posada Tejano Saxophonist. One of Tejano music's most celebrated saxophonists, is also recognized as a timeless vocalist and a well-versed lyricist. 

Thursday, March 13. PM Soul. Pat Carey, Michelle Garibay-Carey and Carl Spann have been performed and written music together for many years making their mark first as Planet Soul. 

Thursday, March 20. Althea Rene, Flautist. Considered a "master of her craft" and one of the world's most exciting solo improvisational flautists. 

Thursday, March 27. Edith Rivera & The Main Event Band. 

Saturday, March 29. Rick Braun, Jazz trumpeter. Rick Braun has backed the likes of Rod Stewart, Sade, War, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole and Tom Petty, before stepping into the spotlight as a vocalist and master of the trumpet and flugelhorn.  

Bring your lawn chairs, and no coolers- (That doesn't mean no Flasks!)

I'm most excited for Althea Rene and Rick Braun! Jazz was in heavy rotation in my childhood, so I'm definitely going to be attending most of these events and connecting with my roots!

 See ya'll there?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moving Away from Home - Starting a New Life in a New State

Have you ever thought about moving away, and starting a new life in another state? Here are my thoughts on the benefits of doing so, and if you are hesitant about it- why you should absolutely go for it! Coming from Detroit, a city where "keeping up with the Jones" is a heavy influence on everyone, I wanted to be able to discover life outside of what I was accustomed to and doing what other people thought was right, and the only way to do so was to get away!

If you still live in the town you were born, I am sure your lifestyle may be heavily influenced by others. It is hard to admit, and we all are quick to proclaim, "I am my own person," But face it, there are pressures from society to live your life a certain way. Your authentic self is progressively being smothered by outside influences. These pressures influence everything from the way you look and dress, career paths, values & beliefs, to who you are supposed to love and where you see your life in 50 years. Moving to another city can help you escape these pressures (society, parents, friends, social media,) so you can fully explore what life has to offer.

When I moved from Detroit to San Antonio, I had NO IDEA what I wanted to be when I grow up, and I don't just mean career wise. I didn't know who, or what type of person I wanted to marry, my personal style, what type of friends to truly value, the strength of my faith, what my passion was, my values, pretty much who I was as an individual. I have discovered all of these things in the 4 years I have been away from home, and It has opened my eyes to realize what life is all about.


Are you only friends with people you grew up with? If so, you are inadvertently limiting yourself from meeting new friends who will add life long value to your being. Yes- some of my best friends are those I've known since grade school, But new friends allow you to discover even more interests and activities that your current friends may not be involved in. When you add in the fact that these new friends will be from different backgrounds and demographics, this will allow more authentic, lasting friendships to grow. These friendships are built based on your character, not what they know about your past which means they will be less likely to judge you unlike some friends unknowingly do.  

Dating/ Love (This applies only to those single folk.):

When you explore the dating scene in a different state, you are bound to step out of your comfort zone. We are all close minded when it comes to personal preferences in dating. For me, I never imagined myself dating outside of my race. Not that I was opposed to it, it's just that I didn't see myself dating someone that wasn't my "type." When I moved, it happened. I believe everyone should experience this in life, and you will definitely expand the narrow mind that thinks you are only supposed to date someone exactly like you. It allows a person to become more diverse, learn new ways of thinking, incorporate different aspects of culture, race and religion practices into your life, and so many more positive characteristics. Besides going outside of our "type," being away from the people you would traditionally date in your hometown will help with the realization of who is really meant for you. 

Following your Passion:

 There are particular places around the world where people with certain passions and life desires navigate towards. If you have a particular passion, it is very likely that there is a place more tailored to helping you pursue that passion. Never let go of your dreams because they seem unattainable in your current location. For example, New York is the best spot for Marketing careers according to this Forbes Article, according to this article, the West Coast is the best for Nursing Jobs, We all know NY and LA are the fashion and entertainment "capitals," and Chicago is becoming the "New New York," combining fashion, entertainment, and business. Whatever your are passionate about doing, put yourself in that market!  


 I love my hometown, and it has made me the person I am today. Michigan is a VERY diverse place to live and has grounded me in many ways, but it is also home to the city known as a popular symbol of urban decay. I was lucky to actually grow up in the suburbs, and attend a renowned school district, but Detroit is the Heart of Michigan, and I represent it to the fullest, before admitting to actually be raised in the suburbs. But everyone who lives there, and even those that hear stories but have never even visited, knows there are many more opportunities afforded to individuals NOT living in places with bad reputations. I can't speak for other cities, but I know these types of places exist in every state in the USA, (except Texas, LOL!) With that being said, go where opportunity is more available- The economy, job market, home market, safety, education, all play a part in the opportunities available to better your life.


 How to know its time to go

  • You have never experienced other cultures outside of your hometown- There is SO MUCH to discover outside of the current state you live in. To this day I am still discovering new things to do in my new city, and new things about myself. I never knew that I like country music, I can eat Mexican food everyday, and I like non-denominational worship better than religous churches- just to name a few. Also the people- People here are a lot nicer, not always in a rush, and everyone loves to hug!

  • Nothing is holding you there! You are not getting any younger and the older you get the more responsibility you have. Right now if you are single, an empty-nester, work at a job you dislike, unsure where you see yourself in the next 10 years, get jealous when you see family or friends enjoying life in another state, you complain about your current residence and or you are just unhappy, NEWSFLASH: it’s time to move! Even if you have a family, if you feel any of the later, if you have the means to do so, go bye-bye!

  • Nothing excites you anymore- Sick of seeing the same ol' people, at the same ol' places, engaging in the same ol' activities to the point to were your idea of a good weekend is staying home and catching up on all the Netflix Series? Then yea, it is definitely time for a change of scenery! You are only going to continue to be bored with life and become the "Debbie Downer" of the group. 
Finding the real you is an enlightening experience. You become more self-sufficient and discover things about yourself that you would have never imagined, when you move to a new state. It's a hard feeling to put into words, but when you are not happy with where you are, it's hard to ignore. This feeling of completeness comes only when you step outside of your comfort zone and get away from the "same ol', same ol'"

 "I need a vacation-" I hear that all the time- Mostly from people who are unhappy with their surroundings. Don't just make it a "vacation," Make it a life change! My idea of a vacation now that I've moved, is being off of work, and spending time with my family- Not just to escape the weather! 



Monday, February 24, 2014

Rings & Tings - Review

Jewelry can change the look of any outfit from blah to BOOYAH! I was super excited to do a review of jewelry sent to me from a fabulously affordable accessories website, Rings & Tings! They sent me 2 rings, a bracelet/cuff, and a necklace.  Check out their website here and discover everything from rings to watches, and even clothes, to add character to any outfit.

Their prices are very reasonable, Fast &  FREE worldwide shipping  (they are located in Hong Kong,) and their customer service is very prompt and professional.

 The infinity ring can be worn traditionally, or above the knuckle for a more trendy look.
Purchase the "Infinity Ring 2 HERE

 My favorite was this bow ring.It can also be worn above the knuckle- The perfect style and daintiness!
Purchase the "Minimal Bow Ring" HERE

This black arrow necklace is very fashion forward, and will definitely spice up a bright, solid colored shirt.
Purchase the "Silver Tone Long Arrow Necklace" HERE"


The suede "tiffany blue" and gold cuff is very stylish will look great with a white shirt, with shoes or a purse of the same color on the band.
Purchase the "Curve Pendant Bracelet" HERE

I cant wait to show you guys how I pair my outfits with my new jewelry! In the mean time head on over to Rings & Tings and use this 10% off coupon code to snag some great items!


( Enter this at checkout to get 10% off all items! )

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Secret- February Read

Hey My Positive Peoples!

I hope 2014 is still looking bright for each of you! New year’s resolution are probably fading off the horizon but don’t give up! Refer back to ways I recommend to keep your resolutions in motion HERE

Last month’s book was a great read, and although there wasn’t much participation, I hope you all were able gain something from reading it. I really enjoyed it and have been making a conscience effort to apply it in my life.

As this short month comes to a close, I want to ensure we are all still on a positive road. Each day we all face some sort of issues in our lives, but the outcome depends 100% on how you deal with them. Staying positive in all situations will ensure positive outcomes!

To help us continue toward Destination Felicity, this month we will be reading The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. Some of you may have read it already, and that is fine. This will be my 3rd time and I can’t wait to be refreshed!

If you are already part of Positive Vibes Book Club, you will receive an e-mail from the group with a PDF copy of “The Secret.” If you would like to join, please leave a comment, or email

HERE is info on the book club, and remember; Participation in the discussions on our group board earns you prizes! So stay in touch.

Keeping the positive vibes Radiating for 2014 and Beyond!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Folks! It's been a while, but I'm glad to be back "in contact." What a better day to return than Valentine's Day! I've been really immersed in school and work, but I'm back!
Happy Valentine's Day My Loves
Do you remember your first love? When you first experience love with someone it is such an unexplainable feeling. No matter how long ago it was, or even how it ended, our hearts will always flutter at the thoughts of our first love. So naive, yet so insanely exciting. Who was your first love and do you still keep in contact with them today? As for me, my first love is still my current love. I love love and its hard for me to let go.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dealing with Idiots

So this weekend I put myself in an avoidable, uncomfortable situation. You know, when you are somewhere and you’re thinking to yourself “why did I come here.” I often find myself trying to find the good in people even when I know they are the spawn of satan. I really have to remember not everyone is understanding, and kind hearted like me. I wanted to write about this experience because too often we are put in the position to defend ourselves and there is definitely a wrong way, and a right way to do so. There is no stress greater than dealing with an ignorant, disrespectful person, and trying to remain calm. I very much believe in horoscopes, and I am a Leo so when you piss me off, I roar. Not taking into consideration my feelings, just quickly switching into attack mode and spewing insults of the persons character, and why we are in this heated moment, because of their screwed up personality, instead of actually explaining my feelings. I am taking the vow to work on that, and I have realized the only way to do so:
Explain how you are feeling rather than summarizing what you think is happening.
This may be a tough to act upon when you find yourself in that moment. If you take a minute to reflect when you've felt like this, and its happend on many different occasions, invlving the same person.. just avoid the them all together! I wish I could give yall a real life example- But I won't becuase it will just make me irratable and put me in a bad mood (for about 2 seconds-) It will definitely turn into a journal entry, LOL. So in any and all uncomforatble situations remember-Explain how you feel, not what is happening.