Friday, January 17, 2014

22 days Vegan

So I've heard a lot of discussions about a new diet that people are doing- eating only plant derived foods for 22 days, The "22 day Vegan" diet, or should I say challenge? It became popular when Jay Z announced for his 44th birthday he was embarking on a "spiritual" cleanse that included the vegan lifestyle, for 22 days- 22 days since he was turning 44 and 2+2=4. Lol, whatev Jay! Of course Beyonce participated too, and I must say she has been looking mighty snatched lately- One of the reasons I'm hopping on the vegan train.

A few of my friends have started the cleanse as well and have been raving about the new tasty recipes they've created, and how easy it's been. So I  have decided with their help, I will be starting the 22 day vegan cleanse. It's proven that it takes 21 days to form a habit so lets see if I can make it, and adopt a new healthier diet. (I don't know if I can go past 22 days but I will certainly give it my all!) I have asked my BFF Elizabeth to help me along the way, and share her journey here on DF. She has been going strong as a vegan for almost a week, so I'd say she's well on her way to being pro. Me on the other hand, I will start Monday, as I need to go grocery shopping for all of my fruits and veggies.
 Join us on this healthy adventure, and stay tuned for lots of info and recipes from Elizabeth and myself as we lose our veganity. HAHA!

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