Saturday, December 21, 2013

Non Negotiable- Must have Beaty Product Week

I'd like to say that products I am going to highlight this week, I will ALWAYS have on hand. I never run out and have a backup on reserve. Every girl has those beauty products that they feel they could never live without, and even though they are loyal to these particulars, they will wander off into product land to find the next best thing- Not me. I don't want to try anything new, or find one better, because there isn't any replacement. What are your Non-negotiable beauty must haves?

I'll start off with my face cleansers and moisturizers.

Buf Puf / exfoliating pads - I have only got a facial once in my life. After dishing out $65 dollars the best part to me was the head an shoulder massage. Aside from having Eczema, which causes dry areas(The reason why I can not live wthout emollients) in various places of my body, my face is pretty normal. Due to the Eczema, particularly when the seasons change I have flare ups which affect my face. Using the miracle face exfoliator helps to keep my face smooth and gets rid of any dry areas instantly. I like to buy the disposable ones in bulk from Amazon, or if you want to try them ASAP and can't wait, they sell them also at CVS. They are very exfoliating so I use only once a week. Since I have my other products I alternate between, its not necessary for me to use them everyday.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads- These are so convienent and perfect for all skin types. One side is more abrasive for the perfect gentle exfoliation. I alternate washing my between these, and Simple Facial cleansing wipes. I love the simple wipes just as much as the Aveeno pads. There's no specific reason I alternate, I just like to switch it up.

Moisturizer- I don't have a specific one I stick to. I'm always trying defferent ones. I use a lot of Vaseline, and Eucerin cream, but lately I have been loving the Simple Vital Night cream. 

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