Friday, December 27, 2013

Must Have Beauty Products- Cosmetics

I’ve never been big on wearing makeup, but these products are a must have (at least try) for all women. Since I am not the one to wake up every morning and allow enough time to “put on my face,” I would say I am a qualified judge of whats great and whats not, seeing how I only allow myself 3 min max to get it done. And if it looks good in that short amount of time, its a must have. My results are always the same… Fabulous!

I don’t use foundation very often, only if I'm going out on the town, and even then its very minimal. This is the only product I will experiment with. Also, in the summer my skin tone changes, so I'm always trying to find a new one. Lately I have been using Maybelline’s Fit Me and I like it. For now.

Victoria's Secret Airbrush FX face primer. Primers are used to creat a smooth canvas (face) so all makeup applied goes on smooth, and lasts longer. Generally, they diminish pores and fine lines creating the illusion of baby bottom smooth skin. When I use this VS primer it controls my shine and creates a matte finish as well.

Benefit They're Real Mascara is so official! This is THE BEST MASCARA IN THE WORLD. Never clumps, its super intense, easy application, lasts all day.. I swear I could go on and on. Anything you can think of good to say about mascara- It applies to Benefit's They're Real.

As you see, most of my go to makeup is MAC- I really love this line. Nothing I’ve ever tried has disappointed me- (except I tried their matchmaster foundation- I would never recommend this to anyone.. in pictures it looks terrible. And everyone knows I love me some seflies.)  

MAC Mineral Skin Finish- Most days this is my “foundation” (according to MAC, A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day. ) It's the bomb!

Face contour- I use the MAC blush in Blunt . If you are unfamiliar with contouring, google it. It gives you a more chizzled look. I only spend about 1 minute, doing the hollows of my cheeks, and the sides of my nose\, So we're aren't talking Kim K contoured, lol.
Photo cred- Makeup By Nakimah & GGF

Lipstick- MAC Ruby Woo- I wanted to show yall this red lipstick because its so perfect. I remember back in my day (90's and 2000's,) red lipstick wasn't very popular, especially for us Brown Sistas. Making the biggest comeback from when M.A.C was first debuted by Madonna on her "Like a Virgin Tour in the 80's," in 2009, Lady GaGa made it the new "IT" lip. Just in case you needed a suggestion on a goo Red Lip, you're welcome. I will do a more detailed post soon, but in the meantime check out this cool article in ELLE MAGAZINE, History of Red Lipstick
Rockin Ruby Woo- Makeup by Donoma

Eyeshadow- Im not really big on eyeshadow so I havn't spent my coin on the Urban Decay Naked pallette. Why? $50 for eyeshadows is a lot to me especially when I can get 500 colors from sephora for $20. I can create the same looks (if I knew how lol,) with my Physicians Formula Naturual Nude Eye Palette. This baby was $10.99 from CVS and I'm sure I used Extra Bucks so it eas even cheaper. Love it!

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