Friday, December 20, 2013

''Live the life you love, Love the life you live''

If you took a poll asking a group of people what "living life to the fullest" meant to them, I'm pretty sure every persons answer would be different. For me, I like to plan things. Sure I may be a procrastinator and not accomplish the goals set for myself right away, but living life to the fullest, means to me accomplishing every goal I set. In order to accomplish anything positive in life, I believe you must love yourself, and your life beforehand. No matter what situation you are currently in, love it. Love is defined as an "intense feeling of deep affection," so if you go thru life with an I dont care attitude, there is no possible way to love anything. Even if something isn't going the way you planned, be thankful for the experiences that allowed you to realize its not going right. For those moments will allow you to not let it happen again, and if it does, you can only blame yourself. But even then, love it even more this time around! Some may say, "my life is so terrible, how could I love it? I would love it if it got better..." Well let me tell ya, What you are going thru, is not half as bad as what other people in the world are facing. Always remind yourself, any day above ground is a good day- and a day to make an effort to make life better.

I always start posts and finsh them up at a later time... After I started this post I was talking to one of my best friends. I swear we are like eachothers personal counselors and she's been a great influence in a lot of life decisions. Recently we've been discussing her outlook on life and how sometimes she feels like she may be depressed and it has hindered her in ways such as connecting with people, getting out of the house, and basically just becoming an introvert, when I've always known her to be the outgoing social butterfly. She came to the conclusion that she needs to change her attitude and is sure that will help with her self diagnosed depression. I TOTALLY AGREE! A lot of times people who are unhappy have a very negative attitude, which only make personal issues worst. She then told me she got the book Joyce Meyers, "Battlefield of the Mind." We came up with the awesome idea that we are going to start a book club and I wanted to share it with you guys too!

We all need some uplifting in our lives and I first suggest going to church. If you're not religious or spiritual, thats fine, but please find a happy inspirational place, that nurtures your mind and soul. One sugesstion is to try a non-denominational church... Here in San Antono, I go to Community Bible Church, and I would describe it as a "super church" becuase its huge. Check out the link to see all they have to offer. There are probably well over 1,000 members. Anywho, this place is awesome! They have so many outreach programs, and small groups, and services include a live band and its not too "churchy" or holy. Its simply a place to worship and make you feel good... and one of the things that made me really love this church and recommend it to everyone is they don't pass the collection plate around. Their "collection plate" is in one central location so you never feel bad if its passed to you and you're not able to give that day.

Our book club will select books that put us in a happy place, and influence us to live life to the fullest. As mentioned our first book is going to be

"Battlfield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyers
.. A perk of being a part of this club is you don't have to buy the books!!! (only electronic version availivble.) I will send out the E Version to anyone who'd like to participate in our discussions! Please comment below or email me if you'd like to join. I will be making another post on how the club will function, and the date we will have our first discussion. Since alot of my friends are out of town, It will be online. Can't wait :-)

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