Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Fun Times

Strawberries and pineapple are my favorite fruit, so why not mix them together, throw them in a Tupperware to enjoy poolside on a 104 degree day? Such a perfect Saturday to be outside enjoying the weather while hanging out with my super cute and fun niece Azalea. Whenever we spend time together (any of my nieces and nephews,) my day seems so much more meaningful! Todays adventures included San Pedro Park, which also has a huge pool. It's more like a man made lake designed like a pool because that thing is HUGE. It has to be the size of at least 2 football fields. Since its so large, it is never too crowded to soak up some sun while keeping cool in the pool. My friend Jackie and her adorable little ones joined us and swam the day away before working up an appetite. We decided to cure our hunger with San Antonio's  famous Big Lou's Pizza.  If you are in San Antonio and have never tried this place you must do yourself a favor and go. Even if the line is wrapped around the building, I still suggest you wait. Your tummy and taste buds will be very satisfied.

An enjoyable Weekend is an integral part of having a "good week overall. It's the only time of the week (if you work a m-f , or are a parent, or both,) that you get to sleep in, even if its only a 10 minutes. For some its a different day of the week but you understand where I'm going with this- you sleep in , are able to make a decent breakfast, can relax all. day. long, get tasks done around the house , and have plans to do something that would be virtually impossible to do on a weekday.  For me it's spending time with my family and friends and making fun memories that I can't wait to share with y'all :-). It is very important you have at least 1 care free, relaxing day a week. I know we are all busy and engulfed in work, parenting, and whatever else may keep you from having a thoroughly enjoyable day. But be sure to make time in order to maintain your sanity, and stay on the road to felicity.
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