Monday, August 26, 2013

Destination: VIVA LAS VEGAS!

Outside of the Mirage

Howdy Folks! So this past June, I spent 4 wonderful days in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. I can honestly say I had the time of my life! I made some some great new friends, (Entry coming soon about NEW FRIENDS, Drake is a joke!) celebrated the union of 2 wonderful people and just had an all around exciting, care free time.

I was invited by my friend Jackie to attend the wedding of her friends Cynthia and Steve. Total, there were about 20 awesome people that attended to celebrate the joyous occasion. We all had an absolute ball. We pretty much partied and acted a fool the entire time! If you have never been, I highly suggest you add this memorable place to your "to visit" list ASAP. Make sure you plan to get extremely intoxicated and have the most fun you could ever imagine! I would suggest going with a group of at least 4 people so expenses can be split, because it can get expensive if you want to "do it big", and the more the merrier. My wonderful friend Jackie is originally from Chicago and all of the people that attended were as well, and when I tell you they know how to party, We showed out! I can't wait until we visit Vegas again next year as we have already planned our voyage. Although we didn't get to do any site seeing due to extreme foolery and party exhaustion, I can suggest some great restaurants and clubs to hit up while you are there. Every event we attended was uniquely extravagant so make sure to check them out when you make the trip. Below I have included links that will have you well on the was to planning your whole vacay!

Hotel- The Venetian Hotel (Rated 5 stars) 
Since this is the only hotel I've stayed at in Vegas I can not compare it to any others, But it was VERY nice, and had many amenities, restaurants, shopping, clubs, YOU NAME IT... Also, compared to other hotels in the vicinity, as far as appearance it was very "luxurious". 1 complaint- It's massive! To get to our room we had to go up 2 different elevators, 2 security checks, zipline, skydive, and then hop a couple of fences.

Grand Luxe Cafe- Think of Cheesecake Factory on a low dose steroid. Check out the Menu.

Lavo- 1 word- MEATBALLS.

Cravings Buffet- Located inside of the Mirage; this is the first time in my life I had crab legs that were already split open. Hallelujah!  Every dish I tried at this buffet tasted as if Jesus himself prepared it. We also went a 2nd time during Breakfast, which included unlimited mimosas!

Partying in the pool at Tao Beach
Tao/Asian Bistro/ Night Club & Beach- This is an actual night club, as well as an outdoor pool party. The club is beautiful. The decor is an Asian theme and its massive. I'd suggest getting VIP because when we had to leave our area to go to the restroom, it was like a mosh pit! As for the pool party; Awesome energy and the music alone makes you feel like you are at MTV spring break. In order to sit at the bar you must continue to buy drinks and food. I only tried the wings which were great! For an actual cabana you have to pay an outrageous astronomical price. Not exactly sure how much.

Tryst- This was the first nightclub we attended of the trip, and this club is simply amazing!
The outdoor area is unbelivably beautiful and dancing on what feels like the lake with a waterfall in front of you gives you an out-of-body-experience feeling. I thought I was Beyonce on the beach
 in the Baby Boy video!

These are only a couple of the hundreds of clubs and restaurants to visit in LV. If you've been before, what are some of you favorite spots?

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