Thursday, August 22, 2013

25 & up

A new age means endless possibilities, opportunities, goals, and dreams to be conquered. Growing up I always had this perfect picture drawn in my head of what my life would be like at age 25, specifically. I didn't actually realize the timeline was getting shorter to have this masterpiece come to life until about 6 months before the "unveiling." Ok, who am i kidding more like 1 month before. It was like a race to get my life together to taste sweet victory at the finish line; my 25 birthday. Everyone that knows me well, knows my favorite line to describe needing to accomplish something is "I need to get my life together." This can include many activities- getting dressed, cleaning, doing homework, going shopping, sleeping. Pretty much any thing. But with 25 approaching, it was down to the wire to really get my shit together. You are probably asking yourself "exactly what can she accomplish in 1 month that will significantly change my personal view on life-not a whole lot. 1 day after my birthday I'm still not living in a perfect gated community, happily ever after with Chloe and my 2 other beautiful actual children, (Chloe is my dog-child,) with my wonderful supportive husband who runs our family business as I work-from-home. But dreams do come true and that remains one I aspire to live in reality. BUT, 1 day after my birthday I accept my life the way it is, and some 25th birthday, magical mind stimulant has me changing my outlook on my life. All of my ideas and desires will be accomplished. The reality of setting goals always remains- everybody talks about what they want to or should, or need to do. I can recall my father always telling me "there's nothing to it but to do it," and it is really time for me at the age 25(and beyond) to actually do everything I say I am going to. Without procrastinating or making up excuses. Focus more on feeling and looking my best. Practicing better financial habits. Making destination felicity a household topic, and just overall following thru with all the Ideas that cross my mind on an everyday basis. It sometimes get tough to meet the expectations you have in life, but at 25 I can say the switch is turned on. It's time stop the idle planning and actually start following thru. As of today my next "milestone" is my 30th birthday. I will not go into that day that same as 25. Less talk more action. (and blogging about it!) Another saying I live by, continuously told to me by my lovely mother:
"You make your own Heaven or hell."
Very true. I am the only person in control of my life and until I actually reach the pearly gates I will give 100% to live heavenly on earth. Either you can continue to talk about it forever, Or take the necessary steps to be exactly where you want to be- Destination Felicity.
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