Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Best Part of Waking Up..........

Personally, I CAN NOT STAND mornings. I just DESPISE with a passion being woke up by an alarm clock! Even worse is waking up BEFORE the alarm clock. Total slap in the face for me, And don't let me be in the middle of a good dream, grrrr! and then its MONDAY.. sighhhhhh.. SO because of this passionate disliking (okay, hate) for mornings I am forced to find ways to get out of such an awful rut (yall know I'm dramatic lol)... I make a  huge effort to start my day off in a great mood by listening to different types of music to wake me up, and play throughout my "morning routine." Since my liking of different types of music is so random I love to switch it up. So I have this Alarm app that you can set to play different songs as different alarms.. Its Alarm Clock Plus (I suggest you click it to download it if you dont have it! you're welcome :-) ) So I have 3 different alarms in the AM that plays 3 different songs M-F. And my ride to work in the AM?? JAMMINGG!!!!


  The below are links to my ultimate FAVORITE feel good songs- Old school songs my dad played alot when I was a kid... I also included my "Feel Good Music" YouTube playlist which is a compilation of all my fave feel good songs, from gangster rap (lol!) to gospel, to country, even spanish songs. I like it all! :) I'll be sure to update it as I think of songs to add. Play these in the AM, especially on your car ride to work; Guaranteed to put you in a Good Mood ;-) Yall are welcome in advanced, no need to thank me later! But please do comment and let me know some of your favorite feel good songs!!


 1- Frankie Beverly & Maze- Before I let you go 

2- Gap Band- Early In The Morning

3- Kool and the Gang- Summer Madness 

4- Simply Red- Sunrise 



Starting your day off in a good mood sets the tone for the rest of the day. Try it and I bet you feel like your sailing swiftly toward Destination: Felicity <3

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