Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Destination: Hobbies!

Hey everyone!! I finally have time to post again and I've got a lot to talk about! This past week I got a new camera, and when I tell you I felt instantly like a pro because of this amazing thing.. Its a Cannon T4i and it came with 2 lenses and it has to be 1 of the best purchases of my life lol. But any-who since I think I'm such a professional I've decided to get into photography. Talk about feeling innovative haha.....So I tried to use my camera the whole weekend!. With fiesta going on I thought it would be a great time to go down to the river walk and take some flicks..

I met up with my friend and my Bro n Sis and we went to a few bars........

LOL.. Cant take black ppl anywhere.

 And then we went to NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio)... it was CROWDED! Im talking about thousands of people!!

Man in a Pinata Suit! So Cool!

This was taken at night!!
 That was Friday... The next evening I went back downtown to fiesta lol, only with my mom! We danced to live music, had drinks, chicken on a stick and walked on the River Walk. As you can tell my pics got a little better since I checked out some YouTube tuts.

I just love this thing! So also I did a shoot with my friend Tiffanys' Son Jaiden! He is too adorable. And also my niece and nephews! I will post those pictures on my photography site (coming soon :) I had a long eventful weekend, and wrapped up fiesta with lots of fun with friends and Mi Madre y Hermano y familia! With that being said- Make it a point to find a new hobby you can become passionate about.... A lot of times people inquire "so, what do you like to do in your spare time?" My answer use to be shop, hang out with friends, and have fun... lol, how interesting right? Now at least I can add photography to my "things I do in my spare time." As you grow up you find yourself falling into the same everyday hustle n bustle. Work, school, sleep, eat, go out from time to time and on the weekends. Life is much more meaningful when you have activities, and hobbies to actually enjoy and love doing. Being 25 years old, and single its like everything I do on a regular basis is boring honestly. Don't get me wrong I have awesome friends to hang out with but as far as having fun "during me time," I'm often bored out of my mind! lol.. So whether it be playing an instrument, taking pictures, working out, scrap-booking, mentoring, traveling, cooking, volunteering.. Whatever! I came across a quote 

"You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing."

and that just motivated me to begin to find more things that I genuinely enjoy doing, not just for money(although when you like something enough you are able to turn it into a business very easily where people would not hesitate to be your consumer,) but just because you are passionate about it! It will definitely contribute to enjoying complete Felicity.

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