Monday, May 20, 2013

Destination: No where to go??

Hola! With Spring in full force there are lots of fun things going on ,especially here in San Antonio! I just love this time of year because the weather is perfect, (not to hot, not too cold) spring fashions and "trends" are giving me life, this is the time you notice sunsets to be so beautiful, birds are chirping a little earlier, and it just leads up to everyone's favorite season, SUMMER. Spring is the time of the year when you want to venture out to new places, and try new activities... I know that's how I am. Living in Texas, there is always something new to do so I am always feeling very adventurous! But sometimes I am stumped with the question, "So, what am I going to do today?"

I have always turned to YELP for answers. This site gives you events for the month, ratings of any and every business you can think of, (I've used it to get deets on restaraunts, bars/clubs, spas, and thrift/consignment stores to name a few.) Check out my profile on there to see places I've rated, and friend me to see what events I plan on going to! 

Speaking of restaurants, Mothers day, my family and I went to River City Seafood & Grill, and I can honestly say that is THE BEST Seafood restaurant in San Antonio! Since my family owned a fish market growing up, I am definitely a seafood connoisseur! I would prefer this place over Pappadeux's any day, by far. Go check out their Menu, and a great "Commercial"  featured on there website. And when you go, tell the owner Bill I sent you  :) It was our 2nd time going there and each time he spoke to us and treated us very well. Please comment if you've gone and let me know your thoughts.

Back to finding things to do- There's a great App/ website called MeetUp, described by C.E.O Scott Heiferman as "an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world." This is a great place to network and meet new people, as well as find fun things to do. I am part of several different groups but have only actually attended 2 "meet ups." One being a Medical Professionals networking event, which was hosted by the group "Young Adult Community Building," and a photogrpahy meetup with a group called "Capture San Antonio." The next one I plan on attending is with the "San Antonio Advnture Club," and they go on all types of fun adventures from tubing to hiking. They also have plenty meetups for singles too ;-)

So with all these avenues of finding things to do, it wont be hard to get into something fun this weekend! Let me know, What are you going to do????
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